Rules to Jarts

Place the two circles on the ground about 35 feet apart. Stand behind the circle, holding the Jart by the handle in the palm of the hand. Toss at the other circle with UNDERHAND motion. Toss with high enough arc to let the Jart stand nearly upright when it strikes the ground.

Playing Turns:

Red plays first in first round. In each subsequent round the player scoring the most points plays first. Players toss Jarts in ALTERNATE turns.


In Jarts, you can score exactly 1-2-3-4 or 6 points in each round. A game consists of EXACTLY 21 points.

Point Scoring:

3 points for each Jart IN THE CIRCLE

1 point for the Jart nearest the circle

Scoring Possibilities:

  • 1 point - nearest circle but none in circle
  • 2 points - one Jart in circle less one point if opponent is nearest circle
  • 3 points - one player with 2 Jarts in circle and opponent with one in circle or one Jart in circle and opponent is not near circle.
  • 4 points - player with 1 Jart in circle and other Jart nearest
  • 6 points - 2 Jarts in circle, opponent none.

Nearest means that a Jart is at least another Jarts length away from the ring.

If your score for a round takes you over 21, your total score for that round is deducted instead of added. To win, you must score exactly 21 points.