Where Can You Find Jarts?

This is the question that I am asked the most.  I don't have a for sure answer, but here are some ideas:

  • NEW.GIF (354 bytes)  Have a set of old Jarts but the flights are all breaking?  I have recently had two people send me an idea for replacing your flights.  New out this year is a blunt-tip set of Jarts that can be purchased at Walmart for $15 or Sears for $20.  Just go to their sites and search for Jarts.  Here is what some people are doing to replace the flights.  "If you cut the end off of the Plastic stem slide off the Fin and spacer. You will notice the one end of the fin is splined. Simply drill it out a little bit and bingo new Jart fins. The shaft of the fin is about ” shorter but the spacer is just about the exact fit."

  • EBay and Yahoo Auctions - they have listed Jarts as a forbidden item, but sometimes you can catch a set before the auction ends.  Try other online auction sites as well.

  • Garage/Yard Sales -  make sure you get there about an hour before the garage sale starts :).  I don't know why, isn't that the rule?  I've heard hundreds of success stories of people getting brand new sets for $5 or less. 

  • Flea Marketspersonally, I have never been to a flea market, but I have been told they are likely to have Jarts

  • Friends/Family -  you'd be surprised how many people have these things in their garage, basement or attic and don't realize it.  Make sure you let them know that they aren't worth a dollar but you'd like to have them anyway

  • www.gardengamesuk.com - I finally got a chance to get outside and throw around my new Outdoor Darts by Garden Games UK.  Not knowing what to expect, I was a little disappointed at first when I opened up my Outdoor Darts.  The fin and shaft are all one plastic piece, which means you can't replace the fins if they should break.  The tips that came on my set were steel, but are very blunt.  I was skeptical that they would even stick in the ground.  So a friend and I played a game today and were pleasantly surprised.  The rainfall here has been average lately but the Outdoor Darts had no trouble sticking and threw quite nicely.  The top of the shaft is shorter than a Jarts and therefore, I thought I would have to change my handle on the dart.  But I threw it the exact same way I throw Jarts and was hitting the middle of the ring in my normal fashion.  Another nice feature was that my set came with plastic replacement tips for safety purposes I would presume.  These would work very well on a beach or in very moist soil while causing harm to no one.  Overall, I am pleased with the performance and would recommend these to anyone who is looking for a safe alternative to Jarts, wants a new set of Jarts but doesn't want to pay $100+ on the Internet, or is a beginner to the game.  The rules to Outdoor Darts are a little different to those of Jarts, but everyone has their own rules anyway.  The plastic seems very strong and somewhat flexible.  However, after only playing one game, I cannot tell how easily the plastic would break or how much Garden Games UK would charge for replacements (you would have to replace the entire fin and shaft, leaving only the tip).  If you decide to order from Garden Games UK, please let them know that you found their site from www.jarts.com.

  • Scoreboards -  For great scoreboards for jarts or other backyard games, go to www.backyardscoreboards.com.  

  • JartParts.com

  • http://www.LawnDartParts.com